About Patty

Patty_PicturePatty Nun, MA, LMHP, LPC

NRA Certified Pistol and “Refuse to Be a Victim” Instructor

My heart became broken and restless when I learned of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting in July of 2012. I felt responsible; yet, I had never met anyone who was at the theater that night. How could I be responsible for something I didn’t partake in? I wrestled with my emotions for a couple weeks, and finally talked to my pastor to help me sort through the anxiety I was feeling. It was helpful. He then encouraged me to talk to the head of security at my church. He educated me on the responsibility and privilege we have to be responsible gun owners.

Over the next few months, I became a member of the NRA, the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association, enrolled in gun safety/education classes, purchased my first handgun, joined a shooting range, educated myself on holsters, and became intentional on understanding what the Second Amendment is all about. I’m duly licensed in Nebraska as a Licensed Mental Health Professional and a Licensed Professional Counselor. I wondered what psychology has to do with responsible gun ownership. Everything! My practice focuses on women’s interest, and encouraging them to be all God intended for them to be – regardless of their past circumstances – by helping them process frustrations and anxiety. Then, I encourage women to set goals as they gain confidence to move forward in life.

When we feel confident – we walk with confidence, we talk with confidence, we act with confidence. It shows. As I started to gain confidence in gun ownership and the privilege and responsibility it carries, I also was surprised the confidence I gained. I liked how I felt.